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Look at that cute fishman, I must add her to my collection! #indiedevhour #roguelike #gamedev #indiedev

Banana Bread Games

Critical Failure is the first (we think) endless platformer (possibly game) to feature procedurally generated contr…

Book of Demons

All 2D monsters and characters in Book of Demons are built from many separate pieces. In fact every monster is made…

dark nights, neon lights

Little preview of what I'm working on. Just sketching out scenes and concepts for now. Will release an alpha versio…


Client-side prediction kinda works now. I can do sommersaults with a ping of 500, hooray! Still a lot to fix on cli…

Carsten Nissen

😵 #dkgame #nordicmade #indiedevhour


Is your #writing missing that "thing"? It might be a balance between internal & external conflict. Check out my art…

Weekend Panda

Best tip for new #gamedev folks? Start small, build from there. #indiedevhour

Codey Cross | @StrayCatArt

Thinking of streaming while I work on our game Hyperloop Escape by Stray Cat Studios @StrayCatArt Would that be in…


«This battle will change the past and the future as we know it, but it's just the beginning of this new adventure.»…

Mundaun Game

One thousand Mundaun followers! Let's drink to that. A toast to all of you, for all the love and enthusiasm, for t…

Salt Free Interactive

It's #indiedevhour but we don't have anything to bring to the table. We are trying to make some interesting boss fi…

Locomotion 🚂

Hi #indiedevhour! Sneak peek behind the scenes at the goofs developers get up to. What's your fav development goofs?

MarZ Rising

We've reworked our superweapon: The orbitlaser is now much more precise and takes out single enemies. It's fun to s…

Spaghetti Games NL

It's another week! That means another devblog! For this #indiedevhour our blog is about our partners and games that…


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